Fitness Industry Fundraising

Fitness Industry Fundraising Model

ALS is a disease that destroys muscle. Clubs and their members can flex their muscle to find a cure. The money raised by each club is counted toward their sponsorship recognition at the BASH for Augie’s Quest in conjunction with International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association tradeshow!

Steps to Partner

Step 1

Working with your club leadership, determine what type of event would be the best fit for your club(s). Need help? Contact Augie’s Quest to walk you through each program at Many clubs coordinate multiple programs with great success, so you’re not limited to just one!

Step 2

Choose a time frame when your club and members will help CURE ALS. Some campaigns have preferred time periods, but all Augie’s Quest programs are coordinated to happen anytime during the year when it best fits YOUR business plan.

Models to Consider

Endurance Programs

Join Team Quest4ALS! You can register for any of our in-person races, virtual races, or join a local race with your team!  Augie’s Quest will provide you training guidelines and tips to motivate runners, a fundraising platform to raise critical dollars for ALS research, and will help coordinate all race related needs.

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Group Exercise Class

The most sought after instructors hold a designated class to raise money to CURE ALS. The more fun and special it is, the more people will attend and the more money will be raised. Members reserve their spot for a minimum fundraising goal but have the opportunity to raise more and receive incentives by using Augie’s Quest personal fundraising pages with social media activation.

At Home Challenge

Members, contacts, friends, family, etc. can participate in a fitness challenge from anywhere during a designated time.  For example, ru n a 5K this week, ride 25 miles by x date, etc. and ask for donations (Facebook fundraisers are an easy way to promote and handle funds).  This is a great option to include both people that work out in the clubs as well as home or outdoors.

Electronic Fund Transfer

Ask your members to add a $1, $5 or $20 donation (or more!) to their monthly dues to help CURE ALS. This can be a designated time frame (one month) or all year long.

Member Fees

For a designated month, a specified dollar amount of new member registration fees are waived if the person makes a donation of an equal amount to Augie’s Quest.

Fitness Industry Auction

The largest fitness industry auction in the world is online and benefits Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS. Secure donated auction items to include in the auction or promote the link to all your members.

Suggestions for Success

  • Send an email to all members promoting the campaign and ask them to share it with their friends.
  • Create friendly competition between General Managers (provide incentives).
  • Work with the Augie’s Quest team to execute the campaign easily and effectively using the tools provided. 
  • Communication to clubs regarding the campaign should come from an influential member of the leadership team.

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