Give Where You Live: Support Augie’s Quest on Colorado Gives Day

Calling all Coloradans! Mark your calendar because Tuesday, December 7, 2021 is Colorado Gives Day — one of the largest one day giving movements in the country. Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS is proud to be one of thousands of nonprofits participating this year.

Tiffany and her grandmother, Sadie.

Longtime friend and supporter of Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS, Tiffany Slitkin Levine of Club Greenwood in Greenwood Village, CO, plans to support critical ALS research this Colorado Gives Day.

“As a society, we now understand what it is like to be in our homes for a long time, but we knew it would be over one day. Unfortunately, with ALS, the road narrows. There comes a time when your strong mind becomes trapped inside the body you enjoy living in, eating in and hugging your families in.  It’s a fate that we can stop. Today, Augie’s Quest can open the road again for those who are diagnosed with ALS. Because ALS is curable; it’s just underfunded.” 

Tiffany with her grandmother Sadie and grandfather Charlie.

When asked why she supports Augie’s Quest, Tiffany immediately thinks of her grandmother, Sadie.

“Thirty years ago, my grandmother Sadie was diagnosed with ALS. It was an incredibly sad personal quarantine and watching her go through that was heartbreaking. I give to Augie’s Quest because we can end ALS so that no one has to suffer that kind of fate in the future,” said Tiffany. 

If you’re a Colorado resident, make Augie’s Quest your Quest by making a donation to our Colorado Gives Day page. Plus, thanks to the Colorado $1.6 Million Incentive Fund, your donation could be matched! 

Here’s how it works: If a nonprofit organization receives 10% of the total money raised on Colorado Gives Day, that same nonprofit receives 10% of the $1.6 Million Incentive Fund.

  • Example: Individual Nonprofit’s Amount Raised ($10,000) divided by the Total Amount Raised on Gives Day ($10,000,000) x the Total Amount in Incentive Fund ($1,600,000) = Individual Nonprofit’s Share of Incentive Fund ($1,600*).

Colorado Gives Day makes good happen for more than 3,000 Colorado nonprofits. What began in 2010 has grown to one of the largest giving days in the United States. You can help change the future of ALS on Colorado Gives Day by designating your donation to Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS today.