Our Quest

Augie’s Quest is dedicated to finding treatments and cures for ALS.

Coming Soon

Our new Award-Winning Documentary, “Augie” tells the incredible love story of Augie and Lynne Nieto in their fight to cure ALS. “Augie” will be arriving in theaters early 2018!

Our Founder

Founded by Augie Nieto, known for his role in shaping today’s fitness world as the co-founder and CEO of Life Fitness, Augie’s Quest leverages Augie’s long-standing relationships in the fitness industry and global business community to operate like a highly successful business accountable for results.

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Searching For A Cure

Augie’s Quest directly funds the ALS Therapy Development Institute, the world’s foremost drug discovery center focused solely on finding a cure for ALS. The Institute’s innovative science and cutting edge approach has resulted in the identification of AT-1501, a promising treatment for ALS. We also pioneered the ALS Precision Medicine Program, the world’s premier program and partnership with ALS patients to discover additional potential treatments.

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ALS is not an incurable disease; it is an underfunded one. Augie has been a corporate leader for more than three decades and runs Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS in the same way he ran his successful businesses. All donors are treated like investors, and top thought leaders provide leadership and direction.

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Fitness Meets Fundraising

In partnership with health and fitness clubs, our global fundraising campaign raises critical funds for ALS research. All money raised by each club is counted toward their sponsorship recognition at the BASH for Augie’s Quest in conjunction with the annual IHRSA International Tradeshow and Convention.

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