ALS is a disease we can tackle; it’s a problem we can solve.

Every dollar we raise drives innovative science and research forward, at an accelerated pace. With every new discovery, were making real progress in managing ALS including one of the most promising drug treatments yet. Today, there is real hope, like never before.

We have raised more than $190 million for ALS research, and counting, between Augies Quest to Cure ALS and our research partners at the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI). In turn, the global fitness industry, corporate partners, individual donors, influencers, ALS families and friends are absolutely fierce in their commitment to change the way people live with ALS by making Augies Quest their Quest.

With Augies Quest, ALS doesnt stand a fighting chance.

$5.8 Million committed to the Augie’s Quest Translational Research Center through 2024

Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS announced a $5.8 million  commitment  to fund the discovery  of  new  candidate  drugs  to slow, stop, or even reverse ALS disease progression at the Augie’s Quest Translational Research Center through 2024.  These funds will cover science staff compensation, yearly equipment costs, and additional needs at the Augie’s Quest Translational Research Center, a key component of the ALS TDI Drug Discovery Engine.

Special thanks to the Sallaberry Family for helping make this possible. 

$2.6 Million granted to the Liz Bodine Cell Discovery Biology Suite at ALS TDI 

$2.6 million was granted to ALS TDI in 2021 for the discovery of new drug targets, or intervention points, for the effective treatment of ALS. The discovery of a new drug target for ALS is akin to opening an entirely new avenue for slowing, stopping, or reversing a disease that has, up to now, been largely untreatable. Target discovery is the creative science that is foundational to breakthroughs in drug discovery and development and changing outcomes for people diagnosed with ALS in the future. Generous gifts to Augie’s Quest from the Bodine and Bhusri families, and Liz’s Pal’s made this possible, thank you!

Lead funder of tegoprubart, a drug created to slow the progression of ALS. Phase 2 clinical trial results were announced in May.

AT-1501” Tegoprubart”, – is one of the most promising ALS treatments in development today. AT-1501 blocks the activation of the CD40L pathway, which has been shown to improve muscle function, slow disease progression, and improve survival in a pre-clinical animal model of ALS. Augie’s Quest funding of ALS TDI’s Drug Discovery Engine was critical in creating AT-1501.  The AT-1501 research initiative marks the very first  time in history a non-profit organization research project has ever reached this stage of drug development — incredible news that was made possible thanks to generous Augie’s Quest supporters. Read about the positive results in the News section of this website.

“There would be no AT-1501 without Augie and Lynne Nieto and Augie’s Quest”.

Under Augie’s personal oversight and continued leadership, more than $150 million has been raised for ALS research.

David-Alexandre Gros
CEO of Eledon Pharmaceuticals

Augie’s Quest funded Duke to study how the microbiome could affect ALS progression. Led by Richard Bedlack, M.D., Ph.D. , this study could show if microbes in the gastrointestinal tract influence the speed of progression in ALS, and might inform the development of a future probiotic that could make patients more resistant to ALS.

Augie’s Quest enrolled another 98 people with ALS into ALS TDI’s Precision Medicine Program, making it the most comprehensive ALS translational research program in history. Special thanks to the Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation their critical role in this funding.

Augie’s Quest helped hone-in on the next most promising drug for ALS. With special contributions from the Augie’s Quest Roski Fund, ALS TDI narrowed a list of 200+ promising small molecule drugs that ALS TDI invented down to 8 small molecule drugs with the most promise to emerge as a lead drug for clinical testing.

“We owe much of our progress and ability to expand this transformative, essential research to Augie’s Quest.”

Fernando Vieira, M.D.
CEO and Chief Scientific Officer, ALS Therapy Development Institute