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Ashton and Shaun

My dad is the best dad ever and I think I could never ask for a better one.

Ever since my dad was diagnosed in September of 2017 my life would be changed forever. My dad was getting weaker near his legs when it first started, so I had to help him get up the stairs and help him walk around. He then got a wheelchair and was able to move around. I used to make breakfast for him when we lived in our other house, and we made so many memories there, too. I love the fact that my dad is such a fighter from ALS, and I help my dad so much. Even when my dad couldn’t do all the things that I could do, we still can make lots of good memories. I love it when I get to go places with my dad, and spend lots of holidays with my dad, too. I am so lucky to have such a good, fighting dad with me and the fact he fights for his life to be with me and to spend time with me is the best thing anyone can have from a dad.



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