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Our Champions

“I love us so much”

Phil and my love story start like many others… in a bar (16 years ago). We were each with a set of friends, watching the Apple Cup. Luckily, we were both rooting for the same team – Go Huskies! After this night we were basically inseparable.  

Since that night our life has grown with so much love. There are four amazing children who have filled us with so much joy and opportunity to learn more about ourselves and what connects all of us. 

Phil was diagnosed with ALS in August of 2018. Phil took the reins and put all his efforts into advocacy and awareness of ALS. His tenacity is one of his greatest qualities and it has served him well in this new chapter of our lives. I envy his strength and consistently positive attitude. 

Phil and I are that annoying couple that knows what the other is thinking, and can sometimes finish each other’s sentences. While watching TV or out, we know we’ve had the same thought when we turn to look at each other, and give each other “that look.” I love us so much.

Phil has touched my heart and mind in a way that is incomparable to anything. He keeps me sane and on even ground, even though life has thrown us a barricade to climb over. He is truly my other half. 


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