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Join me this ALS Awareness Month!

Hi everyone! May is one of my favorite months of the year. ALS Awareness Month allows so many members of this important community to tell their stories, and rally around the importance of ALS research. This year is no different, and there are so many ways you can show your support. Please consider some simple actions that have a huge impact!

1. Add a Frame to Your Facebook Profile Picture

Join me in changing your Facebook Profile Picture during ALS Awareness Month! Click HERE to add this frame to your photos – invite your friends and family to do the same.

2. Consider Hosting a Facebook Fundraiser!

It’s easy to join the quest to #EndALS – start with your own fundraiser for Augie’s Quest!

Visit  to start.

A box will automatically appear that says ‘Let’s start with the basics,’ and Augie’s Quest will be pre-selected as your charity of choice.

You can then create your personal fundraising goal, and select the date your fundraiser will end. To host your fundraiser for ALS Awareness Month, choose June, 1, 2019 for the end of the fundraiser. Or keep yours open for longer! Once this is completed, click ‘Next!’

In the second step of creating your fundraiser, you have the opportunity to share why you selected Augie’s Quest as your charity of choice during ALS Awareness Month. To begin, you will select a title for your fundraiser. Suggestions might include:

Support Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS!

Give to Augie’s Quest during ALS Awareness Month

Join me in my fight against ALS!

If you have a personal connection to ALS, we encourage you to share your experiences and why our work matters to you. One example of this section can be found below:

Once this section is completed, you can click ‘Next’, add a photo, and launch your campaign!

Thanks so much for your support this month. Together, we can #EndALS!

~ Augie


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