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This is my ALS: A Love Story. It’s about my acting coach, John.

When I was asked to share of few words about one of the most special people in my life, I became very overwhelmed, and of course, if you know me, kind of emotional.  Because honestly how can you put one of the most important people in your life into just a few words well, if you’re fortunate enough to know John Kirby, you know you can’t. 

John is not only my acting coach; he is my friend and he also become like a father to me that I never had and always needed. Encouraging, devoted, kind, honest and patient, very patient. (The neurosis of actors can be exhausting, ya’ll.) I’d like to believe I get preferential treatment, but the truth is, John is just that generous to and with everyone.  He is unstinting with his time, his talents, his Hollywood knowledge, and his amazing intuition (yes, he really did tell me I was going to book This Is Us-AND he has also been right about the men in my life.) I know, impressive, right? That’s John for you, impressing upon us all the ways in which we can do better, be better and love better. 

So John, for many reasons and for always, I love you and we love you very much! 


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