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Our Champions

My boyfriend, Christian.

When I met Christian at a friend’s birthday party as a teenager, the response hit me so hard I was no longer hungry and couldn’t concentrate.   When I was diagnosed soon after, he stayed and took care of me.  While ALS has accompanied me for half my life (over 16 years), my beautiful and positive boyfriend has as well.

Christian is not only my partner. He is my hairdresser, cook, beautician, housekeeper, shopping aid, and gardener.  He is my arms and legs, my buddy, my comforter, and my companion.  He understands me, supports me, and motivates me. His positive attitude and courage to take on any obstacle make it easier for me to remain an active and positive human being.

Christian is always looking for solutions, is always by my side and is my biggest and dearest helper. He is so attuned to me that sometimes I can even forget my disability.  I can still experience things that otherwise I could only dream of like a 5-week-road-trip though the U.S. He is patient, understanding, selfless, empathetic, kindhearted and the most helpful person I know.

He’s done this around the clock for years, alongside his full-time job.  I’d like to raise awareness for unpaid caregivers like Christian, who do their best every day to give people like me a life that contains as much autonomy and dignity as possible.

I am infinitely grateful to him.



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