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Our Champions

My husband, Eric.

On Valentine’s Day, Eric, know our love for you is ‘THIS BIG.’  You are loved and you have opened my eyes to life in a way that has forever changed me for the better.

ALS really softens you and makes you real. You find out what’s most important and realize living life to the fullest is that much more important. After Eric was diagnosed with ALS in November 2019, it was a loss until we embraced what we gained. We appreciate each other a lot more, and treasure the little moments with our kids.  We recently did a Disney trip and it was a blast.

That’s where we find the most romance-in the everyday joys of watching our young kids grow and learn. My favorite thing about this dreadful disease is the inner emotion that jumps out. Eric laughs a lot more and smiles at me, and also cries (he never used to cry at all). Our love story isn’t ‘hot’. In fact my husband loves our 3 year old so much he sleeps with him most nights making shadow finger puppets on the wall.  But I get to tuck them in together, and love these 3 beautiful souls, knowing that Eric and I created two of them!

When we first met, we traveled the world, and used to dance the night away to country music.  Now we just appreciate being home and like most ALS patients- a good rest (because little kids are exhausting with all the energy they have).



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