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Funding the Most Promising Research

It wasn’t long into his diagnosis when Augie Nieto came to understand the bleak reality that ALS lacked the critical support and laser-focused research needed to find treatment and cures. Augie needed to be part of the solution, and believed his entrepreneurial success and strong sphere of influence could be a gamechanger in the ALS community.

Augie wanted to fund research that would help people currently living with the disease – commonly known as translational research. As Augie likes to say, “If your house is on fire, do you ask the firefighters to find the cause – or put it out first?”

One organization performing such research, the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI), caught Augie’s attention shortly after the inception of Augie’s Quest. Their mission aligned with his belief that ALS is not an incurable disease — it is an underfunded one. Augie now serves as the Chairman of the Board of Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS and the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

Today, Augie’s Quest is dedicated to finding a cure for ALS by raising the funds and awareness so urgently needed to advance cutting-edge research and fast-track effective treatments. Under Augie’s leadership, over $150 million has been raised for ALS research at ALS TDI, and we won’t stop until we end ALS.

What is ALS TDI?

ALS TDI is the largest research center in the world focused entirely on ALS. Located outside of Boston, their team of experts uses a comprehensive, data-driven approach to treating and ending ALS. Through this approach, ALS TDI has screened more than 400 potential treatments for ALS, more than any other lab in the world.

“ALS TDI is the world’s most transformative medical research institute focused on ALS. We have applied business principles with the leadership of Dr. Fernando Vieira to find a cure for ALS! I am proud to lead that effort as its Chairman.” – Augie Nieto

Augie’s Quest Translational Research Center at ALS TDI

In January 2020, the ALS Therapy Development Institute announced the naming of the Augie’s Quest Translational Research Center at ALS TDI. This Research Center honors the work, innovation and steadfast support of Augie’s Quest and its many generous donors committed to finding a cure for ALS.

“As CEO of ALS TDI, and as a person driven by the loss of my best friend to ALS, I pledge my dedication to fulfill our mission. With [donor] support, we will overcome the challenges. We will not stop until we end ALS.” – Fernando Vieira, M.D., CEO and CSO of ALS TDI

To date, neuroscientists and researchers still do not fully understand the mechanisms responsible for the onset and progression of ALS. This knowledge gap presents a significant challenge for ALS drug discovery. The Augie’s Quest Translational Research Center will help close that knowledge gap and strengthen ALS TDI’s research efforts by dissecting mechanisms of clinical ALS and using that knowledge to develop new, more powerful drug discovery platforms and facilitate more effective drug development in ALS.

We are working day in and out to fund the next promising ALS treatments via our research partners at ALS TDI, and we won’t stop until we end ALS. With Augie’s Quest, ALS doesn’t stand a fighting chance. Support our Quest to find a cure by making a donation.

ALS won’t stop and neither will Augie’s Quest

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