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Our Story

Augie Nieto is the successful fitness industry mogul behind Lifecycle, Life Fitness, and Octane Fitness. He was diagnosed with ALS in 2005.  With guidance from a team of friends, researchers, and medical experts, Augie came to understand the bleak reality that ALS lacked the critical support or widespread research needed to find treatment and cures, so Augie co-founded Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS. Through events, partnerships, and cause marketing campaigns, Augie and his team raise critical dollars to fund the most promising ALS research. Augie serves as Chairman of Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS, as well as Chairman of the ALS Therapy Development Institute in Cambridge, MA.

“You can either celebrate what you can do, or mourn what you can’t. Every day I wake up and create a new normal. I don’t dwell on what has changed, but instead, I focus on keeping busy achieving my goals.” – Augie Nieto

As a leader in building enterprise for an industry dedicated to maintaining muscle strength and performance, it is tragic irony that Augie’s disease robs him of the strength and use of his body. But, rest assured, his mind and spirit have been left unscathed. Augie’s inexorable drive to work and achieve has never been stronger.  Pairing his ALS activism with his superb business acumen, Augie has transformed the ALS space.  As Chris Clawson says, “They may call it Lou Gehrig’s disease, but they will call it Augie’s Cure.”

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About Augie

Augie Nieto is the Chairman of the Board for Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS, and also the ALS Therapy Development Institute.  He is one of the original pioneers of the fitness industry, and the founder and retired Chief Executive Officer of Life Fitness, a global leader in product development and innovation that helps people lead active and healthy lives.  Currently, Augie serves as an operating advisor to North Castle Partners, a private equity firm, and is on the board of Life Fitness, Hydromassage, and Anelixis Therapeutics. Augie formerly served on the board of Quest Software, where he was one of four members of its ‘Special Committee’ that negotiated the sale of Quest Software to Dell Computers in 2012. He also served on the board of Dynavox Systems, a developer of speech generating systems, and was Chairman of the Board of Octane Fitness.

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About Lynne

Lynne is a dedicated board member of Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS and the ALS Therapy Development Institute. Her leadership, vision and focus on the bottom line, where her accounting background comes into play, have been key to our success.   She is the “voice ” of Augie’s Quest and represents our mission with the media and at corporate speaking engagements.

After graduating from University of Colorado with a BA in Accounting, Lynne joined her family real estate development and management firm. After retiring from the firm in 2000, Lynne continues to be involved in real estate investing and served on the board of CT Realty, a California real estate investment company. She lives in Corona del Mar, California with her husband, Augie, and dog, Rubye. They have four adult, married children and eight grand babies.

About Our Team

Our team is persistent in the pursuit of treatments to halt, reverse, and cure this lethal disease. Working tirelessly to raise funds through a huge network of national events and promotions, including the BASH for Augie’s Quest, Tradition of Hope Gala, and other widely successful campaigns within the very generous fitness industry, our global community of support that includes staff, leadership, advisors, and a network of like-minded organizations are vital to our quest to cure ALS.

Team Bios

Shannon K. Shryne

President & Co-Founder

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Shannon manages the Augie’s Quest team, collaborates with corporate leaders, and oversees new business development and significant cause marketing partnerships. She has over 25 years of experience in development and non-profit management, and co-founded Augie’s Quest with Augie Nieto in 2005.

Gretchen Simoneaux

Vice President

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Gretchen oversees all large scale Augie’s Quest events (including the BASH and the Tradition of Hope Gala), as well as strategic corporate cause marketing campaigns. She has almost 20 years of successful development experience, and has been a vital player in the success of Augie’s Quest since its inception in 2005.

Kelly Campbell

Director of Stewardship & Development

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Kelly plays a leadership role in Augie’s Quests fitness industry fundraising initiatives, signature events including the BASH and the Tradition of Hope Gala, and leads the individual donor and stewardship programs. She has over 20 years of non-profit experience, and has played a significant role in the success of Augie’s Quest since 2008.

Angel Moser

Director of Digital Marketing & Development

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Angel oversees digital marketing initiatives, and Team Quest4ALS, our endurance campaign.  She coordinates all social media, and supports Augie’s Quest signature events.  She has more than 15 years experience engaging corporate donors, families, and community leaders, and joined the Augie’s Quest team in 2014.

Kelsey Storter

Manager of Finance & Development

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Kelsey oversees all accounting and finance for Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS.  She has two years of experience in a corporate accounting setting and five years in a private accounting setting. As our newest team member, Kelsey joined Augie’s Quest in 2019.