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Here at Augie’s Quest, we’re gearing up for a heart-filled month – with many of our ALS champions offering up a little of their love for the cause.

We’ve themed February, “ALS: A Love Story.” Starting today, we’ll feature one “ALS: A Love Story” story across Augie’s Quest’s website, social media and email list – culminating with a new twist on Augie and Lynne’s story on Augie’s 60th birthday, February 15.

We’re focused on sharing our many ALS stories of love – moments of hope, support and comfort via friendships, marriages, family, caregivers, kids, grandkids, and of course, pets. We know these love stories are out there, despite this horrible disease – and felt it the perfect time of year to share that love with our entire community. And in doing so, together, we can help raise a little awareness and interest in this other side of ALS, one that we don’t often hear as much about.

Be sure to follow along on our social channels, share the stories with your personal networks, and get to know some awesome love stories from Boomer, Caitlin, Evan, Catherine, Bryan, Stacie and more.

And, we know many of you likely have your very own personal stories and experiences with love despite ALS, or in some cases because of ALS. Please join in and share yours, too!

So, will you join us in celebrating love this month?


Augie & Lynne


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