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“ALS isn’t an incurable disease; it is an underfunded one. This is a message you’ve heard Lynne and I share countless times, and one that drives our passion and tireless work for this cause.

Yet, never has it been more pressing, as we now have a promising drug on the near horizon that could slow the progression of the disease. The only thing standing in our way — the urgent funds needed to drive this, and other potential treatments and cures, across the finish line and into the marketplace to benefit so many people living with ALS today.

If you’ve ever wondered what our daily quest to #EndALS looks like, whether in the ALS Therapy Development Institute lab or behind the scenes of our innovative approach to ALS, we captured that story of our progress in a brief, easy-to-digest (and dare I say, “hip & fun”) explainer video.

Check it out!

We asked Natalie Morales, of NBC/Access Hollywood and our 2017 Champion for ALS Award Winner to lend her signature voice to the piece and Natalie graciously agreed, delivering a passionate and informed message about our cause. You’ll quickly see how we put every donation to work and why every gift is so important to our life-changing research.

Please share this video on your social channels and let your family, friends and colleagues know what is possible when you give to Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS.”

-Augie Nieto

ALS won’t stop and neither will Augie’s Quest

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