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Orangetheory’s second annual partnership with Augie’s Quest expected to raise over $2 million for ALS research 

BOCA RATON, Fla. – February 12, 2018 — Orangetheory® members across the United States and Canada are aiming to raise over $2 million for Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). This comes just one year after Orangetheory more than doubled their 2017 fundraising goal, raising over $2.085 million in just two weeks. Funds from the 2018 campaign will help move a promising drug for ALS into human clinical trials.

Orangetheory’s decision to partner with Augie’s Quest not only supports their purpose to help people live a longer, more vibrant life, but also hits close to home in the fitness community. Augie Nieto, founder of Life Fitness, was diagnosed with ALS in 2005 and has since made it his mission to find a cure for the disease that affects far too many people today, robbing them of their muscles and every benefit that exercise provides. Orangetheory’s 2017 fundraiser was the single most successful campaign in Augie’s Quest history.

“Last year’s campaign demonstrated the incredible passion and generosity amongst our members, coaches, franchisees, and team members alike.” said Orangetheory Chief Human Resource Officer Leslie Daley, who lead the campaign for Team Orange. “As always, they came together as a community to encourage each other and crush a goal, and we expect our 2018 campaign to be no different.”

Building off the momentum from last year, the 2018 campaign, run under the same #IBurnForALS name, will take place from February 15 to March 8. During this period, more than 800 studios across the United States and Canada will challenge their members, and each other, to donate at least $1 per splat point achieved. A splat point is earned each minute a member spends in the Orange Zone, which is their target-training zone of 84 percent to 91 percent of their heart rate. *All money raised will be donated to Augie’s Quest to help move a cure-driven drug, AT-1501, further down the drug development pipeline because ALS isn’t an incurable disease; it’s only underfunded.

“We feel so fortunate to again partner with Orangetheory, who is helping us truly make an impact to end ALS,” said Augie Nieto Founder of Augie’s Quest and Chairman of ALS TDI. “In particular, Orangetheory donations helped our Institute further build their medicine program and hire new full-time scientists dedicated to research.”

In addition to their daily schedules of fitness classes, Orangetheory will also host Augie-thon, a specialty in-studio donation session, across all locations on Saturday, March 3. This unique 90-minute class will be open to both members and non-members with a $25 donation. The first 75 participants at each studio will receive an exclusive Augie’s Quest workout towel.

For more information about the #IBurnForALS campaign, please visit your nearest Orangetheory Fitness studio. To learn more about Augie’s Quest, please visit Members and non-members alike can make donations at More information about Orangetheory Fitness is available on Orangetheory’s website. Follow Orangetheory Fitness on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for the latest news and trends.


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