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Augie Nieto was our hero. 
He inspired us, made us laugh, and made us cry. He taught us that when life hands you unspeakable challenges, what really matters is surrounding yourself with people who love you, and a cause you believe in. He was passionate about finding a cure for ALS, and we are proud to be “Augie’s team”.
Augie passed peacefully yesterday surrounded by his beloved wife, Lynne, his family and loved ones.
Augie wrote:
Please keep me in your hearts…please help continue the progress of Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS. Please help Lynne to carry on the mission – the second finest achievement of my life. Because I will be in your heart, I will get to experience the joy when we discover a cure.

Augie was a visionary – an icon in the fitness industry, and a powerful force in the ALS space. He was the Co-Founder and retired CEO of Life Fitness, Chairman and Co-Founder of Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS, and the Chairman of the ALS Therapy Development Institute. He was a beloved husband, father, brother, son, mentor, and friend. Under his leadership, almost $200 million was raised for ALS research. More importantly, Augie was directly responsible for countless advancements and changing the landscape of this horrific disease that ultimately took him just after his 65th birthday.
We were proud to fight with Augie and Lynne to transform the way ALS research is funded, approaching it in unprecedented ways. We will diligently work beside his beloved wife in Augie’s honor and memory to find a cure for ALS.
Augie wrote:
I know that my fight is not over. I have battled ALS for almost 18 years. Physically, ALS has finally taken my body, but my battle to rid the world of this insidious disease will continue.

We love you Augie. We’re with you, Lynne.
Your Augie’s Quest Team
Shannon, Gretchen, Kelly, Angel and Kelsey


  • Jenny Clauson says:

    Hello Lynn and Family, we met at an event in Seattle when my husband Erik was alive and battling ALS. Lynn, I was extremely impressed by your strength, dedication and love for Augie, as well as your commitment to fight for a cure. You both touched many hearts. My heart is with you and your family right now.

  • Pamela Parrish says:

    i am so so sad.. I don’t have ALS but I do have cerebral palsy… He taught me to take life by the horns and try to live the best life that you can… The world could learn a thing or 2 from this man.. Maybe then the world would be kinder and nicer to each other… My love goes out tp his wife… His kids, grandkids, and those who knew him…. Rest in peace Augie… All my love to him and the family….

  • Rosemary lukes says:

    Good bye buddy you will be missed by the Luke’s family now and force thank you Angie for all the hood you did for so many people please Rip with love we say goodbye 😢🙏✝️

  • Andrea Joy Harrington says:

    My 65th birthday was this past week as well. I always wanted to meet Augie personally, but was happy to be acquainted through Pat and Jenny Dwyer. I have learned to face my life’s challenges through the shining example of my ALS Friends and their families.

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